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Election 2022 - Primary

Early Voting and Election Day Volunteers

Early Voting
Election Day

Elections Day Elementary Schools are Busy

Cold Spring
Cold Spring

State and County Races

SS Peter and Paul Orthodox Church
Marc Elrich

Candidates Support Each Other

Jay Guan and Grace Rivera-Oven
Jay Guan and Will Roberts

Crowds of All Sizes

Stepped Away
Lots of Democrats
Cooper at MLK Germantown

Not Everything is Work

Meet and Greet
Upcounty Outdoors

Something for Families to Do Together

Janice and Brian Feldman

Standing or Sitting

Wayside Elementary
Hanging Out

All Over the Map

MidCounty Rec
Wilson Wims
Potomac Community Center

2021 D15 Service Day at UpCounty Hub

Our State Legistators

Brian Feldman
David Fraser-Hildago
Lily Qi
Linda Foley

Precinct Maps and Boundaries

District Officers



Katherine Deerkoski